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CO2 Mega Capsule (88g/3,1oz), one-time use

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Dynamic Sports Gear
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Dynamic Sports Gear

CO2 Mega Capsule (88g/3,1oz), one-time use

The 88 gram capsule closes the gap between the small 12 gram capsules and the large refillable bottles. They hold more than 7 times the capacity of a normal CO2 capsule. Sufficient for up to 150 shots. Ideal back-up system if it takes longer again. The 88gr Mega capsules are not refillable.

Width 36mm, height: 200mm, diameter: 120mm

Additional Information:
- 88 grams for approximately 150 shots depending on marker and weather conditions.
- A Mega capsule adapter is needed
- Not refillable
- Picture is for illustration purposes only! Depending on stock, it may also be Mega Capsules from other manufacturers. These are qualitatively equivalent and differ only by the imprint.


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