Hopper Planet Eclipse PAL High-Cap, black

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Loader Planet Eclipse PAL High-Cap, black

The PAL Loader is probably the fastest battery-free gravity fed loader in the world.

How exactly does the PAL do this? In this video we show you exactly how it works.

The red ramp ensures that the upper paintballs don't exert any pressure on the lower paintballs, so they won't get stuck due to the weight of the upper paintballs. The secret weapon of the PAL Loader is the blue ramp, which is triggered by the piston in the feedneck. With every shot, the piston in the feedneck is driven with the same air that also accelerates the paintball. By this push the paintballs are loosened up, which increases possible shot rate up to 10 balls per second.

Should you ever have to shoot extremely fast in a tough firefight, you don't need to shake the marker any more as with conventional gravity fed loaders. So you have always aligned the marker on its target.

The PAL system guarantees a perfect gaming experience without annoying batteries. This protects the environment and the wallet equally.

The battery-free, mechanical PAL Loader is the ideal complement to the mechanical, battery-free EMEK. Planet Eclipse shows that through intelligent engineering, great fun and high shot rates are possible even without electrical aids and high acquisition costs.

There are a number of other features that should not go unmentioned:

Superflex lid:
The super flexible lid is very durable and thanks to the three-part hinge in wave form, breaking the lid is almost impossible.

Two-piece shell construction:
The outer shell of the PAL consists of almost indestructible GRN (glass fibre reinforced nylon) and consists of two halves.

To use the PAL Loader you need a PAL Ready » Marker

No batteries needed
Feedrates up to 10 bps possible
Compatible with .68 and .50 Cal paintballs
Tough GRN material
Pneumatic agitation
Two-piece shell construction

-weight 240g
-Length 207mm
-Height 133mm
-Width 104mm
-68 Cal Capacity 220
-50 Cal Capacity 590
-Feed Rate 10+ Bps


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