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Feedgate HK Army EVO Pro Spire 3/4/IR/IR2/CTRL, blue

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HK Army

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HK Army

Feedgate HK Army EVO Pro Spire 3/4/IR/IR2/CTRL, blue

With the EVO Pro Speedfeed HK Army has brought a real blockbuster product. Unlike standard speedfeeds, the EVO Pro is made entirely of aluminum. Yes, you have read correctly, the EVO Pro is made of ALUMINUM!

It probably can't get any more high-quality than this and no other Speedfeed takes hits better than this one.

Similar to the Crown SF by Virtue, the individual fingers are spring-loaded. Thanks to the very well-chosen spring strength, reloading is a breeze and even with a Superman, the paintballs stay in the hopper.

Installation is fast and easy-peasy. Just click out the old feed (or lid), click in the EVO Pro and you're done!

In addition to the fantastic look and high-quality feel, the EVO Pro is available in many different colors.

- Probably the first speedfeed made of aluminum
- High-quality 3D Milling
- Extra hard anodized
- Easy to install
- Available in many colors

- Virtue Spire 3 und 4
- Virtue Spire IR und IR2
- Bunkerkings CTRL


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