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Tippmann Stryker XR1 .68 Cal, 0,8l HP, HK Army HSTL thermal, Speedster Loader

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This package includes: Tippmann Stryker XR1 .68 Cal black, HPA System 3000 Psi Protoyz with Protoyz Regulator and 0,8l aluminium tank, Paintball Goggle HK Army HSTL thermal black and a Protoyz Speedster Loader.

Tippmann Stryker XR1 .68 Cal black:
The Tippmann Stryker features a fully Electro-Pneumatic design that makes it one of the quietest and smoothest shooting spool-valve Tippmann markers ever designed.

The Tippmann Stryker has a fully programmable board with firing modes including semi, burst, ramping and full-auto. These markers are tournament legal as they require an allen key to change settings.

HPA System 3000 Psi Protoyz with Protoyz Regulator and 0,8l aluminium tank, PI certified
The 0.8 L aluminum bottle is the golden standard HP compressed air solution with 200 bar (3000psi) filling pressure. The lightweight regulator consists of 3.3206 aluminum. PI certified.

Paintball Goggle HK Army HSTL Thermal, black

The HK Army HSTL paintball goggle system sets new standards in the mid-price segment.

Features such as quick-change lenses, replaceable foam, visor, and the chin strap, which makes the goggle sit tight even when performing the most stylish Superman dive. These features can only be found in the most expensive masks or you need to buy them as separate upgrades! HK Army's HSTL goggle has these pro-player features included for a bargain.

Protoyz Speedster Loader
The battery-powered Speedster Loader by Protoyz is the perfect choice for new players, budget-conscious paintballers and paintball park owners. It is incredibly easy to use and maintain due to its toolless construction and illuminated push button on/off. On the field it performs brilliantly, with its tough GRN shells, great feed rate and low power consumption.

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