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New Legion Riot 2 black

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New Legion

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New Legion Riot 2 .68 Cal, black

The New Legion Riot 2 was developed specifically for newcomers to the sport of paintball. The Riot 2 is a robust marker that is easy to maintain and can be used in all types of paintball games.

A new and unique grip frame design with built-in hand rest and the tubeless design immediately catch the eye. This change has improved the ergonomics by a multiple times.

The marker body is made of solid aluminum, the grip frame is made of durable composite materials including rubberized grips. The player really has something in his hand, a very good price - performance ratio in every case.

The Riot 2 is an excellent marker for a price-conscious starter in the sport of paintball, where fun will not come up short.

Technical Data:
- Solid aluminum body
- Composite grip frame with rubberized grips
- Bottom-Line Adapter
- Clamping feedneck
- Fast to swap ball detent
- Easy to maintain
- Spyder threads with 8" onepiece barrel
- Doubletrigger
- Can be used with CO2 and HPA systems
- Hoseless Design



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