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Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 HDE Earth

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Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 .68 Cal HDE Earth

Following the far-reaching success of the EMEK 100, popular with field operators and players alike, Planet Eclipse is taking the next step!

A Magfed marker that can shoot First Strike, based on EMEK technology!

The EMEK EMF100 is delivered directly from the factory with the versatile EMC Kit.
Choose between a short CQB or longer carabiner version, the EMC Kit gives you countless possibilities to adapt the EMF100 to your needs. No matter if additional rails, visors or handles, you will find the place for it.

In contrast to the conventional EMEK 100, the EMF100 allows you to choose between the usual hopper operation with, for example, a PAL Loader or select the operation with a compatible magazine insertable from below.
The conversion can be completed in just a few simple steps.

The EMF100 is powered by the proven, low-maintenance Planet Eclipse Gamma Core and can withstand even the toughest playing conditions.
Once you've shot a marker from the EMEK platform, you'll never want to play a conventional blow-back marker again.

The entire EMEK range is characterised by its low weight, great ergonomics, maximum reliability and minimum volume.

The air supply is provided by the SL4 regulator integrated in the handle and low-maintenance.
Thanks to the tubeless design you have maximum handling even in the hottest battles.

In addition, you can learn how to handle your EMG100 with the PWR Airstock improve it.

- Gamma Core Technology
- MagFed or Hopper operation playable
- Cure ST 1 Bolt System
- 135psi Working pressure
- Tubeless design
- Perfect for beginners and playing fields
- Battery-free gaming experience
- PAL Ready Marker
- Compatible with Planet Eclipse PWR Stock
- Compatible with Dye Tactical magazines
- CQB and carbine EMC kit variants

Scope of delivery:
- Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100
- Two-piece, Shaft 4/5 compatible barrel 14.5"
- incl. PAL Feedneck and magazine blind plug
- 1x dummy magazine for hopper operation
- 1x 20 round color matching Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazine
- Planet Eclipse hexagon socket wrench set
- Planet Eclipse Grease, 10ml
- Planet Eclipse Barrel Sock
- Manual, english



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