Dye Tactical Magfed .68 Cal 2000 Paintballs

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Dye Tactical Magfed .68 Cal 2000 Paintballs

With the Tactical Magfed Paintballs Dye is bringing a really good all-round paintball to the market.

This is a solid mid-end paintball with a round shell that was composed for Tactical or Magfed paintball. The dark and multicolored shell is nice, round and stealthy which provides the advantage that the opponent will see it relatively late.

Even on a supair field, the ball offers good performance. It may not be a super brittle tournament paint, but for training sessions, fun cups or just 4 fun it is more than sufficient.

Recreational, Tactical, MagFed, Training, Just 4 Fun

Best use:
Blowback and E-Pneumatic markers

Shell and Fill:
Shell: 2-Tone striped, purple and blue
Fill: Yellow
Properties: Bright fill and slightly thick

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