Protoyz Chest 5 in 1 Protector + 2 Pod Holder HDE Earth + 2 Pods black

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Protoyz Chest 5 in 1 Protector with 2 Pod Holder HDE Earth incl. 2 Pods black

The Protoyz Chest Protector 5 in 1 offers superior protection for the client, while simultaneously saving time and money for the field owner. It combines various essential functions in one simple, yet tough package.

- Very good padding
- Integrated Neck Protector
- Integrated 2 Pod Pouch
- Zipped accessory pocket for keys or wallet
- Loop to attach a Paintball mask
- Adjustable width
- Including 2 HK Army HSTL Pods black

Length front side: 47cm
Length back side: 48cm
Length flexible tie shoulder: 10cm
Length flexible tie back: 13cm

For maximum comfort, this Chest Protector should always be worn above your jersey.


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