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Paintball Vest, Protoyz Universal Tactical, diff. colors unisize

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Paintball Vest, Protoyz Universal Tactical, diff. colors unisize

The Universal Tactical Vest by Protoyz is a solid and affordable alternative for all paintball and airsoft players. Visually, it is inspired by the tactical vests of the legendary SWAT team from America.

This robust and highly functional paintball vest has various applications and small (!) patch pockets. The all-purpose or magazine pockets on the front with a dimension (height, length, depth) of 6 x 15 x 3 cm offer space for various equipment, accessories, and magazines with a maximum length of 17 cm. Please check the size of your magazines before you buy.

On the back and all around you will find tabs for barrel swabs, CO2 capsules, pot pockets for paintballs, and an integrated HP / CO2 bottle holder. This makes this tactical vest the perfect all-rounder and true storage miracle for all scenario and woodland players.

- Three all-purpose or magazine pockets in the front (height 6 cm, length 15 cm, depth 3 cm).
- Four pockets and two loops for standard spots
- Tabs for barrel ringers, CO2 capsules, pots
- Adjustable length of the vest in the shoulder area via Velcro
- Adjustable width of the vest at the waist belt via Velcro
- Size: Unisize
- Material: 100% Polyester

Additional Information:
Please check carefully if your magazines fit before buying.
All products shown such as pots, barrel cleaner, HP system, radio, and CO2 capsules are not included.


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