14.04.2022 · News

Planet Eclipse ETHA3 & ETHA3M

Planet Eclipse ETHA3 und ETHA3M

Both markers got released by Planet Eclipse in a Facebook Livestream on 14.04.2022. First presented in 2011, the ETHA series is now entering its long-awaited 3rd generation. The fundamental idea has not changed, the ETHA3 is a robust and reliable all-rounder. Whether Woodland, Just for Fun, tournament/classic sports, or what else there are for paintball variants. In all paintball situations, the new ETHA3 knows how to inspire.

What catches the eye with both markers have a more streamlined design, a newly designed eye cover, and, most important, a quick-release backcap. With the ETHA3M, which is based on the EMEK 100, there is now also the first mechanical variant within the ETHA family. In contrast to the EMEK 100, the ETHA3M already has the FL-3 Way Valve, the POPS Bottom Donkey, lighter trigger spring, and a two-piece 14.5" shaft barrel system ex works.

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25.03.2022 · News

Stocktaking 2022 Stocktaking 2022

Important information for our customers

From Wednesday 30.03.22 to Friday 01.04.22 the store will be closed for stocktaking.

Please forgive us that due to preprations we may be a little slower in shipping than you are used to :-)

Your Team

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08.12.2020 · News

Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazines

Planet Eclipse CF20 Important Announcement.

Official statement by Ledz, CEO of Planet Eclipse:
After 18 months of design, testing and even more testing we finally released the first production batch of our CF20 Magazines into the wild this past weekend, with the UK being the first market to use them in battle.

Unfortunately, we have been made aware of an issue that resulted in the failure of a single part within the magazine for one customer. To some, the news of a single failure wouldn’t be an issue, you just send them a replacement part. But for us, any failure is a big deal. We design and manufacture our products to work as they should, to stay the course, and to be the very best on the market because ultimately WE also want to use these products. If a product fails our customers, we believe we fail as a brand.

R&D have been analysing the part in question and have identified the problem. We are currently arranging a replacement part to be manufactured, which will be replaced in all retail units as quickly as physically possible.

We apologise for the delay on this product and will try our very best to get this product in your hands as soon as we possibly can. Thanks again for your loyalty and patience as always, we truly appreciate it.

Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazine

Say hello to the new Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazine.

The CF20 Mag (continuous feed magazine) is a new development from Planet Eclipse and serves players who play with an EMF100, Dye DAM or the corresponding Magwell. The magazine has a capacity of 21 shots of Roundballs or 20 First Strike rounds. These can be fired continuously without the need a for reloading.

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02.10.2020 · News

The Speedster is Back - Behind the Scenes #8

Protoyz Speedster Loader

Protoyz have been creating a range of great value products, aimed at the more budget conscious paintballer, for over 20 years. And now... they've stepped things up a little with the Speedster. A battery powered loader that performs brilliantly and stays true to their customer.

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06.08.2020 · News

HK Army Zero-G 2.0 Battlepacks in stock!

HK Army Zero-G 2.0 Battlepacks

A first, small shipment with new HK Army Zero-G 2.0 arrived.

Key feature is the new, interwoven suspension of the belt within the pack. This ensures the best and most snug fit of the Zero-G ever on the hips.

Available as 9, 11 and 13 Pod harness in the colorways black, grey, red and blue.

HK Army Zero-G 2.0 Battlepacks

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02.07.2020 · News

New Planet Eclipse products in July 2020

Eclipse MagFed und Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100

Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100

We have something special for you. The EMEK EMF100 now comes standard with a Dye DTM20 (10+10) magazine instead of a DTM10 (5+5) magazine.

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