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Year in Review: 2023

Team Belladonna was founded in January 2023. Bianca "Bibi" Bender gathered the top players from Germany, France, Belgium, England and Sweden around her. Coaches Quentin Duchene (Breakout Spa) and Felix Mueller (formerly Infamous) quickly recognized the immense potential of this project and were immediately ready to contribute their knowledge.

A strong women's team needs to have a matching partner, so in the young year of 2023 we were proud to announce that we would be sponsoring the Belladonnas together with Planet Eclipse.

And we were not disappointed! The Belladonnas made a fantastic start in the WNXL and cleaned up the event in the Netherlands with first place. Performance and motivation were high at the other events too. In order to maximize the motivation, we have made every effort possible together with Planet Eclipse to present the fantastic Belladonna CS3 Team Edition just in time for the UK event. There will also be additional merch in the form of Match Worn and Blank Jerseys, T-shirts, caps and more.

Equipped with new guns, the Bellas finished in a solid second place in England. This success carried over to the European finals in France, where the Donnas narrowly missed out on first place and also jumped onto the podium here with a second place.

With several terrific victories under their belt, it was clear that they would venture across the pond to take part in the NXL World Cup. Oh boy and how they did!

Belladonna finished the Pro-WNXL league in eighth place (!!!), making them the best European Pro team ahead of the men. They managed to beat the second best team in the world in the preliminary round, but then unfortunately lost to them in the quarter-finals. And we're talking WORLD-CLASS PLAYBALL here! The Donnas have shown that European (women's) paintball doesn't have to hide from international paintball.

We are damn proud and can't wait for the new year 2024. You watch the video now and we say: Over and out!

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