HK Army

HK Army was founded in San Diego in 2007 and has since become an integral part of the paintball scene. The Southern Californian manufacturer of paintball equipment and lifestyle fashion is known for its daring designs and flashy color combinations.
The KLR Paintball Masks, Hardline Pro Jerseys, Gloves, Zero-G Battlepacks, Hardline Pants and Marker Accessories like Tank Grips or Ball Breakers are available in all imaginable colour combinations.
HK Army has also been a major player in the streetwear sector for years and so we have a large selection of paintball casual wear such as beanies, caps, t-shirts, hoodies and jackets in the typical HK Army design.

Playing Gear

Large HK Army range of jerseys, pants, gloves, headbands, shoes and protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads in the vibrant HK Army style.


The HK Army Battlepacks are available in a variety of colors with different pot capacities. The loops are removable, ideal for the M500 format.

Barrel Accessories

Fantastic barrel accessories from HK Army for your paintball marker like barrel swabs and barrel socks.

Casual Wear

The streetwear collection from HK Army with T-shirts, caps, sweaters, beanies and more is the perfect complement to your HK Army playing gear.

Masks & Accessories

Individual design, perfect fit and a quickly exchangeable mask lens system are the top features of the HK Army KLR google. Additionally there are lots of accessories like mask lenses, straps and ear protectors available for the KLR Series.