Inception Designs

Inception Designs was founded in 2013 by Simon Stevens, a veteran of the paintball scene.
With his autococker innovations he has followed in the footsteps of the legendary autococker inventor Bud Orr.
His inventions and innovations include the first Force-Feed Loader and the forerunner of the ASA as we know it today, as well as 11 patents with paintball reference.
Inception Designs is a true family business that Simon runs in his new US home together with his wife Emilie. Since 2014 there is a close cooperation with Planet Eclipse, which he supplies with tuning parts for markers like the Etha2, Emek 100 or the Emek EMG100.
His latest creations include the innovative Stella barrel system, which provides undreamt-of precision thanks to a maximum length of control bore, as well as various tuning parts for Planet Eclipse markers, such as the EMEK Fang Trigger.

Inception Designs is a design and development company based on innovation as the starting point for great products.

Body Kits

The FLE (Fantastically Light Engineering) body kits from Inception Designs are a must for every weight and precision enthusiast. With a weight of only 163 grams, the FLE body is lighter than the original body.

Tuning & Accessories

Various tunig parts and accessories from Inception.

Barrel Kits

Extremely precise barrel kits ensure maximum performance. A real innovation is the barrel front part, which is also provided with a bore size. This way the paintball is guided as long as possible, the air consumption of the marker is reduced and the hit pattern is improved.

Barrel Backs

The barrel backs have different bore sizes, which allow you to adjust the inner diameter of your barrel system to the diameter of the paintball. By the smaller internal wall friction of the fired Paint, the air consumption of the marker is reduced and the hit pattern improved.

Barrel Fronts

With the help of the different bore sizes of the carbon barrel front you can adjust your barrel system to the diameter of the paintball and thus reduce the air consumption of the marker and improve the hit pattern.