Infamous Paintball

Infamous Paintball is not only one of the most successful paintball teams in the world, they also provide you with first-class products around the most beautiful sport in the world.
The team around team owner Travis Lemanski was founded in 2004 and is one of the oldest and most successful active paintball teams in the world. More than 15 years of experience in paintball are incorporated in their designs, which is reflected in many small details in their products.
Infamous has been sponsored by Planet Eclipse for several years now and use various Planet Eclipse markers from EMEK to CS2 at various events. Infamous has also been able to present its own designs of CS2 in cooperation with Planet Eclipse.

Infamous Paintball - Helping Good Teams Loose since 2004

Playing Gear

Infamous playing gear combines excellent protection with total freedom of movement and minimal weight.


Here you will find triggers for various Planet Eclipse models, from EMEK to CS2.

Barrel Fronts

The barrel fronts are equipped with 20 oblong holes instead of the usual 114 round holes. The lower number of porting holes has the advantage that less turbulence is created behind the ball. This ensures greater accuracy and a quieter shooting noise.

Casual Wear & Accessories

Various Shits, Caps and accessories of the Skeleton Squad.