Dennis Tippmann, a former manufacturer of semi-automatic machine guns, founded Tippmann Paintball in 1986. Tippmann markers stand for reliability, simple operation, are robust and well manufactured. One of the focal points is the realistic replica designs of the markers. Most blow back markers use the proven Tippmann 98 system and come with exciting features such as front handles, silencer dummies, replaceable Mag Fed magazines and Picatinny rails for attaching tactical accessories.

The Tippmann markers can be played with HP or CO2 and are therefore very versatile.
Tippmann markers such as TMC, Cronus Tactical, Stryker MP2 Elite and the Bravo One are particularly popular with Woodland, MagFed and Scenario players, due to their assault rifle design. The TCR or the TIPX-Pistol and Menace are also indispensable in urban terrain and Close Comabt scenatios.
Due to the wide range of accessories we offer, all Tippmann markers can be further modified.
Tippmann is also successfully conquering the Airsoft sector with the M4 Airsoft karabiner.


Whether you are a beginner, MagFed or professional player - from blowback markers like Tippmann Custom 98 to electro-pneumatic Tippmann crossovers, we have the right Tippmann paintball marker for you.

Marker Accessories

In order for you to be able to optimally modify your Tippmann marker to suit your playing needs, we have a large selection of Tippmann accessories, such as extendable stocks, spare magazines, TiPX pistol holsters and much more.

Maintenance & Service

You want to have your Tippmann marker checked by our tech or you need spare parts like gaskets, screws or ball latches? Then you have come to the right place!