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HPA System 3000psi Protoyz Reg 0,21l alloy + PWR Stock, black

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

HPA System 200 Bar Protoyz with Regulator and 0,21l aluminium Tank incl. PWR Stock, black

You are looking for a compatible HPA system and a stock for your Planet Eclipse MG100 with a good price-performance ratio? Then you have found the perfect package for you here.

The package consists of a 200 bar Protoyz 0,21l aluminium tank with regulator and the Planet Eclipse PWR Stock.

HPA System 3000 Psi Protoyz with Protoyz Regulator and 0,21litre/13ci aluminum tank, PI certified
The 0.21L aluminum tank with a filling pressure of 200 bar (3000psi) from Protoyz, is the standard HP compressed air solution worldwide.

Both tank and regulator are PI certified!

Planet Eclipse PWR Stock
The Planet Eclipse PWR Stock is highly variable. The length has eleven setting variants. 5 sling/strap eyelets giving you multipul possibilities to fasten your sling and also has a mounting point for a Quick Disconnect sling mount.

The butt contoured contact surface prevents slipping and the dual anchor points of the PWR stock make the feeling rock solid.

In combat, the PWR Stock gives you the stability you need to complete your mission.

The PWR Stock is both shoulder support and protection for your tank in one.


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