HPA Syst. 4500psi PE HK Aerolite2 Pro Reg 1,1l Armotech ultralight

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HK Army
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HK Army

HPA System 300 Bar Planet Eclipse black with HK Army Aerolite2 Pro Regulator and 1,1l Armotech tank

We exclusively present you the Planet Eclipse HP System (powered by Armotech) in a noble black design with a capacity of 1.1l at 300 Bar (68ci, 4500psi). The tank convinces by its low weight of only 800 grams and the system is thus approx. 22% lighter than a standard HP system! The high-quality stainless steel core is encased in a light carbon jacket and thus ensures safe and carefree playing.

The built-in HK Army Aerolite2 Pro Regulator is double secured by two bursting discs and has an output pressure of 650psi. To avoid pressing the filling nipple and/or manometer on the wrist during play, the threaded head can be freely positioned at 360°. In addition, the output pressure can be changed from 650 to 400, 480, 580 and 800psi in just a few steps.

Technical data:
- empty weight: 800 g
- Empty weight incl. regulator: 935 g
- length incl. regulator: 26,9 cm
- Diameter: 10 cm
- TÜV every 5 years
- Max. Useful life 10 years

Further information:
This system has a non PI certified regulator built in!

Regulators and tanks without PI marks may be sold and used. However, these must not be transported on public roads with a filling pressure greater than 2 bar.

Further information can be found here: Service -> Legal HP Systems


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