HPA System 4500psi PE HK Aerolite2 Pro Reg 1,1l Armotech ultralight

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HK Army
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HK Army

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HPA Syst. 4500psi PE HK Aerolite2 Pro Reg 1,1l Armotech ultralight

This HPA Systems contains: Planet Eclipse / Armotech 1,1l 300 Bar / 68 ci 4500 psi ultralight tank and a HK Army Aerolite2 Pro 300 bar / 4500 psi Regulator.

HPA Tank 4500psi PE 1,1L Armotech ultralight  
The bottle is made out of very high quality materials, lightweight and stylish. A MUST HAVE for every player. The absolute highlight is the low weight of only 800 grams!

HPA Regulator 4500psi (4500psi) HK Army Aerolite2 Pro  
Innovative, absolutely reliable, constant. These are the key features of the HK Army Aerolite2 Pro which is the flagship model of HK regulators!

The innovative design makes it possible to adjust the outlet pressure in a few simple steps. The outlet pressure is set to 650psi as standard and can be reduced or increased to 400, 480, 580 and 800psi using the coloured shims.

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Output pressure
Adjustable from 800 psi, 580 psi, 480 psi to 480 psi
Rotatable (360°), interchangeable (Bonnet & Trheads), Aluminum (Bonnet & Threads)
Safety features
Two burst discs (1800 psi & 7200 psi), pressure reducing device inside the regulator body
Unique features
Thread saver (plastic), Case (gloss cardboard box), with Tools and Grease
Technical Data
Weight 137 g, Length 58 mm
Max. Pressure
300 Bar / 4500 psi
Best use
Fun, Tournament / Woodland e.g. Center or Tipi side
Technical Data
1,1l / 68 ci, empty weight 800 g, length 19,5 cm, diameter 11 cm
Rehydro (TÜV/PI) all 5 years, 10 years max lifespan, EN 12245:2009+A1:2011
Max. Pressure
300 Bar / 4500 psi


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