Foregrip, angled with finger rest, FAB Defense PTK+VTS, black

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FAB Defense
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FAB Defense PTK+VTS Foregrip with finger rest, black

High-quality manufactured and angled PTK (Ergonomic-Pointing-Grip) front grip with VTS (Versatile Tactical Support) finger rest by FAB Defense.

The PTK+VTS combination improves weapon handling and maneuverability during gameplay. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue and increases long-term accuracy.

Also, the front grip offers a small compartment for spare batteries, cleaning kits, or small spare parts. The combination can be mounted to all standard Picatinny rails in just a few moments.

- PTK and VTS combination
- Extremely durable as milled from one piece polymer composite
- Improves weapon handling and maneuverability
- Reduces fatigue
- Increases long-term accuracy
- With extra compartment for spare batteries, cleaning kits, or smaller spare parts
- Can be mounted on all standard Picatinny rails

Technical data - PTK:
Weight: 60 gr
Width: 34 mm
Height: 54 mm
Length: 130 mm

Technical data - VTS:
Weight: 21 gr
Width: 33 mm
Height: 26 mm
Length: 44 mm

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