HK Army 15", LAZR dust silver, Cocker-Thread, Barrel

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HK Army
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HK Army

HK Army 15", LAZR dust silver, Cocker-Thread, Barrel

LAZRs go pewpew!

HK Army has outdone itself with the LAZR barrel system. Performance meets style meets accessories.

Thanks to mirror smooth honed inner surfaces, paintballs literally glide through the barrel system and hit your target accurately. Thanks to the use of inserts, you can adjust the barrel system perfectly to the paint you use.

The unique barrel front combines the best of two worlds. The well-known round holes provide an even pressure distribution behind the ball, which at the same time reduces the shot noise.

The slotted holes deliberately milled in the front of the front section take advantage of the capillary effect. Why? Within a cover, usually only the tip of the barrel front section touches the dirty outer wall. The capillary effect prevents paint or moisture from getting into the tip.

The barrel system incl. accessories are delivered in a stylish hard case with carrying handle. In addition to the barrel back and front, you will find eight different sized inserts, four different colored rubber grips as well as a convenient paintballsizer.

It's a all-round carefree package and probably the last barrel system you will ever buy ;-)

- Barrel system with inserts and a length of 15"
- Mirror smooth honed inner surfaces
- Elaborate 3D Milling
- Autococker barrel threads
- Unique barrel tip design
- Includes eight inserts (.678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690 and .692)
- Incl. hard case
- Incl. four colored rubber grips
- Incl. paintballsizer

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