Loader HK Army TFX 3, black

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HK Army

Loader HK Army TFX 3, black

HK Army's TFX has entered its third round and it's better than ever!

TFX stands for "The Full Experience" and the name says it all!

The exterior hasn't changed much except for a few small design changes. Components like the shell, the speedfeed, and the tray are compatible with the TFX 2. The TFX fans among you will feel right at home when they take the Hopper in their hands. Let's get to the inner values because this is where the big changes take place.

Lazer Eyes Technology
Unlike its predecessors, the TFX 3 features a Lazer Break Beam Eye Sensor, or simply Eyes for short. This is a light barrier that controls the motor and only feeds when a ball interrupts it. The system is very reliable, it feeds without delay, it achieves high rates of fire and it makes the TFX very battery efficient.

Soft Touch Paddle
Under the large paddle wheel is the new Soft Touch Paddle. The rubberized fingers are very gentle to Paint, they provide a continuous flow of Paint and prevent unwanted breaks inside the hopper.

Increased capacity thanks to Expansion Shell
In normal conditions, the TFX 3 holds approximately 200 paintballs. The capacity can be increased to over 230 paintballs thanks to the included Expansion Shell. The ability to increase capacity is especially useful during breakouts. Where others have to reload when they arrive in cover, you keep on shooting.

Zero-Gravity Lift with built-in Li-Ion battery
The proven Zero-Gravity Lift increases the capacity of the TFX without increasing the profile. The spring-actuated lift ensures that no ball is left behind in the loader. Integrated into the lift is a handy Li-Ion rechargeable battery. You never have to buy batteries again, once charged the battery lasts for several thousand shots. Charging is done with the help of the included USB-C cable.

TFX Epic Speedfeed with rain cover included.
Gone are the days where you had to buy the matching speedfeed in addition to the hopper. Included is a high-quality HK Army Epic speedfeed in matching color with including rain cover.

Those are all the new features, so you don't read yourself to death, we have listed the other features below.

The TFX has truly earned its name and it offers the player everything they need and more. "The Full Experience" ;-)

- NEW: Soft Touch Paddles
- NEW: Expansion Shell included for 230+ balls capacity
- NEW: Lazer Break Beam Eye Sensor
- NEW: New electronics and simplified programming
- NEW: Textured hopper shells for a more aggressive look
- IMPROVED: Zero Gravity Lift incl. 2.0 Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB-C port
- Incl. Epic Speedfeed and rain cover
- Proven Swoop Stack Assembly
- Completely tool-less
- Removable one-piece tray
- Quick lid change system
- Force Feed button in case a ball does get stuck
- 22+ balls per second
- Splash resistant electronics


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