Planet Eclipse Multi Rifle LC Triple Mag Pouch, HDE Camo

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Multi Rifle LC Triple Mag Pouch, HDE Camo

On the battlefield, you can never have enough ammunition!

How awesome would it be to have a magazine pouch that has room for three magazines and is almost endlessly stackable thanks to the laser-cut design including Molle applications? You already found the answer when entering this product page.

The Planet Eclipse Multi Rifle LC Triple Mag Pouch powered by Valken offers all that and much more!

As the name implies, the magazine pouch holds three G36/M4 style magazines. Or in other words, your EMF100, Dye DAM, TMC, or T15 magazines will fit without a problem.

With plenty of Molle loops and a low profile, you can attach as many LC magazine pouches as you want. No kidding!

As a base, you need for example the Planet Eclipse Plate Carrier LC, HDE camo, and BOOM, let your imagination run wild.

- Planet Eclipse Custom HDE camo Design
- Super flat magazine pouch
- Precisely manufactured by laser cutting process
- Compatible with all LC plate carriers from Planet Eclipse or Valken
- Very versatile thanks to Molle loops


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