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Paintball Loader Virtue Spire IR2 red

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Paintball Loader Virtue Spire IR2 red

The popular Virtue Spire IR got a successor. The Spire IR2 combines the most popular features of the Spire IR and packs a punch on top.

3rd Generation Drive Cone:
The geometry of the new Drive Cone has been further improved. The base has been widened and it is flush with the soft-touch fingers. Besides, the struts above it have been redesigned and act as a kind of paddles. These changes provide a more crisp and quicker response.

Larger raceway:
The raceway has been enlarged and can now hold nine balls instead of seven. What sounds like not much at first, brings a big advantage in general operation and ensures an even more constant feeding rate.

New top shell design:
The new 2-piece top shell is easier to disassemble compared to the old model. For the locking system Virtue has been inspired by the Bunker Kings CTRL Hopper. Of course, the Spire IR2 is compatible with Crown SF2 and NTR speedfeeds as well.

Proactive 3-Eye System:
This intelligent system monitors the paint inside the hopper with the help of three infrared eyes protected from dirt and moisture. A sophisticated system that works reliably and offers high energy efficiency.

N.Charge and Spring Ramp compatible:
Those who want to play paintball sustainably can upgrade the handy Virtue N.Charge battery pack with little time effort. The Spire IR2 can also be equipped with the popular Spring Ramp. The N.Charge and the Spring Ramp are sold separately.

- 3rd Generation Drive Cone
- Larger Raceway
- New two-piece upper shell
- Proactive 3-eye system
- Compatible with Crown SF2 and NTR speedfeeds
- Even smoother to paint
- Consistent feed rates without compromise
- Excellent energy efficiency
- Upgradeable with N.Charge and Spring Ramp (sold separately)


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