Inception Designs The Secret Pin for EMEK/EMF100 with FL 3-Way Upgrade

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Inception Designs

Inception Designs The Secret Pin for EMEK/EMF100 with FL 3-Way Upgrade

We all know how good the FL 3-way valve by Planet Eclipse is. But the Big Brain in paintball aka Simon Stevens of Inception Designs always knows how to step it up a notch.

The so-called "The Secret Pin" by Inception Designs can be replaced with the standard Valve Pin of the Planet Eclipse FL 3-way valve upgrade.

Once installed, the Secret Pin shortens the trigger pull and reset by about 50%.

What does this mean exactly?
The shortened trigger pull makes it even easier to fire fast series of shots. More balls in the air mean more potential hits. Simple don't you think?

You don't have to be an engineer to install it. Unscrew the cap on the FL 3-way valve, remove the standard valve pin and replace it with the Secret Pin (don't forget to grease!), screw the cap back on and you're done.

Do you want to get even more out of your EMEK / EMF100? Then use The Secret Pin in combination with the Inception Designs FANG Trigger and the Light Trigger Spring.

- 100% Made in the USA
- Up to 50% shorter trigger travel
- Faster reset of the FL 3-way valve
- Super easy to install
- Compatible with the Fang Trigger and Light Trigger Spring

Fits only:
- EMEK with FL 3-Way-ValveUpgrade
- EMEK MG100, EMG100 and EMF100 with FL 3-Way-Valve Upgrade

Attention when used in Germany:
The installation of this product may cause the F-Stamp to be voided in germany. You should therefore have your marker checked by an expert!


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