PE 14", LV1 Shaft4 two piece Tuningbarrel, Cocker-Thread

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse 14", LV1 Shaft4 two piece Tuningbarrel, Cocker-Thread

The legend is back!

Used in high-end markers like the LV1 or the GEO3 this tuning barrel has seen many battlefields and scored hundreds of wins.

Produced in England with the strictest accuracy and quality requirements. We all know that it's the inner values that count and here the Shaft4 shines. The honed inside is of the highest quality and so smooth that every ball glides through the barrel without frictional irritation and offers a phenomenal accuracy.

The Shaft4 barrel kit is an excellent upgrade for the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100, and of course you can use it with any marker that has an autococker thread.

- Autococker thread
- Barrel back bore size: .689
- Made of 6061-T6 aluminum
- Highest honing quality
- Compatible with Shaft4, Shaft5, Shaft FR and the Shaft Pro Tip

The installation of this product can increase the muzzle velocity of a paintball marker which can be a problem in germany. You should therefore have your marker checked by an expert!


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