HPA Syst. 4500psi PE Ninja Pro V3 Reg 1,1l Armotech ultralight

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

HPA Syst. 4500psi PE Ninja Pro V3 Reg and 1,1l Armotech ultralight tank

HPA Tank:
The 1.1 l version of the ultralight bottle (powered by Armotech) is a compact solution for all tournament and Woodland players. With a weight (without regulator) of only 800 grams and a length of 24.5 cm, it is one of the lightest bottles worldwide in this format.

For the perfect look, the elegant Planet Eclipse design is protected by a durable and transparent coating.

You can choose between the Ninja Pro V3 Aluminum and Pro V3 Stainless Steel Regulator. All Pro V3's are double secured by two rupture discs.

With the Pro V3 Aluminum and Pro V3 Stainless Steel regulators, the outlet pressure can be changed.

Due to the 360° bonnet of the Pro V3 regulators, you will never again have an annoying filling nipple or pressure gauge pressing into the palm of your hand, because the regulator head and thus the filling nipple can be precisely adjusted to your bottle connection (bottom donkey).

Technical Data:
Capacity: 1,1 l / 68ci
Max. pressure: 4500 psi

  • Weight 28,2 oz (800 gr) without regulator
  • Length: 7,65" (19,5 cm)
  • Diameter: 1,38" (3,5 cm)
  • Outputpressure: 550 psi, adjustable to 750 psi
  • Re-hydro inspection 5 years
  • Maximum period of use 10 years
  • Air fill ony
  • This air tank is TÜV/PI certified and can be used within germany and europe.
    This regulator is not PI certified. Regulators and bottles without PI certification are legal to be sold and used.
    Non PI bottles and regulators must be transported with a filling pressure under 2 bar on public roads.


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