Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazine 10 Pack incl. 2 in 1 Tools and Drop Bag, black

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse EMF100/DYE DAM CF20 Magazine, 20 Shot, black
With the CF20 magazine from Planet Eclipse, the hassle and tedious flipping of the magazine is over. Now you can shoot 20 shots of First Strike Paintballs or 21 shots of normal Roundball's continuously.

Thanks to the innovative and tool-free removable maintenance panel, refilling and cleaning are done in a few snaps. Thanks to the transparent plastic and the engraved reload indicators, you know how many rounds you have left in any situation.

Tool 2 in 1 for Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 and CF20/T15 Magazines
We have further improved our handy little tool and turned it into a 2 in 1 solution.

Three hardened steel pins on one side help you to easily remove the bolt system of your EMEK, ETHA2 and EMF100.
On the other side there are two tabs which you can use to wind up CF20 or T15 magazines.
At the same time you can use these tabs as a lever point for an Allen wrench if the backcap is tighter than expected.

Planet Eclipse Magazine Drop Bag/Dump Pouch, HDE camo

Nothing is worse than losing your own magazines in heated battles. The Mag Mafia is fast and well organized ;-)

Save yourself time and money and get yourself the practical Planet Eclipse Drop Bag. This dump pouch can be attached via MOLLE to various vests and chestrigs such as the Planet Eclipse Mag Vest.

- 10x CF20 Magazines, black
- 1x 2 in 1 Tool for CF20/T15 Magazines
- 1x Planet Eclipse Magazine Drop Bag/Dump Pouch, HDE camo


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