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Planet Eclipse Overload Slide Shorts gen2

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Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse Overload Slide Shorts gen2

The Planet Eclipse Overload Slide Shorts are a comprehensive solution to extremely light and flexible hip and thigh protection. 
All the padding is constructed from light-weight super flexible EVA that offers the very best comfort and protection. Mesh leg venting is placed perfectly to help promote air circulation and regulate body temperature. A rear rash guard protects your lower back from pack rash and internal hip padding helps protect you from bumps and scrapes on those boney areas!

All padding can be removed / replaced as part of a modular padding system.

Waist sizes: 
S - 58-66cm (23-26 ") 
M - 63-71cm (25-28") 
L - 68-81cm (27-32 ") 
XL - 74-86cm (29-34") 
2XL - 84 - 91cm (33-36 ") 
3XL - 81-96cm (32-38")

48% polyester, 39% ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), 7% neoprene, 5% nylon, 1% elastane


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