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HP Regulator 4500 psi Ninja PRO V3 Aluminum, black / red

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The first batch still has ACE marked on the Regulator Bonnets. Ninja renamed the ACE to Pro V3 afterward. ACE and Pro V3 are 1:1 the same regulators!

HP Regulator 4500 psi Ninja PRO V3 Aluminum, black / red

With over 20 years of experience, Ninja Paintball is the leader in developing innovative and high quality paintball regulators. The Pro V3 is no exception and sets new standards.

The main feature is the newly developed pin-valve, which allows the highest airflow of all regulators manufactured by Ninja so far. Increased airflow, also referred to as "flow", results in less velocity fluctuation and more consitancy.

The Bonnet (the top element with threads) has also been redesigned. Unlike previous Pro V models, the thread on the V3 is a separate component that is responsible for the rotation of the regulator. By being able to rotate the thread, you can adjust where the fill nipple and pressure gauge " sits" on the fully installed regulator with millimeter precision. This prevents the two components from pressing into the hand when holding the marker, regardless of the thread and the size of the hand.

To do this, once the HP system is fully discharged, simply loosen three locking screws and the HP system can then be adjusted accordingly on the marker.

Instead of having to replace the entire bonnet in the event of damage, it is now possible to replace just that part. This is more sustainable and cost effective. In addition, it is possible to replace the aluminum thread with a stainless steel thread.

The new OFV filling nipple is also worth mentioning. Instead of Teflon tape for sealing, a robust O-ring is used now. It simplifies cleaning and maintenance, as the O-ring can be quickly cleaned or replaced. In addition, this provides a cleaner appearance as there is no longer any ugly protrusion of Teflon tape.

In addition to the 360° rotation, the Pro V3 can be adjusted in operating pressure just like any other Ninja regulator. To do this, the regulator must be opened and the silver or bluish-silver shims have to be removed. This allows the operating pressure to be changed from about 550 to 750 psi. So you can adjust the regulator to fit the PSI recommendations of the marker manufacturer.

Topping off all this, the Pro V3 comes with a large set of spare parts. It includes various gaskets, small parts, screws and even a matching Allen wrench.


  • 360° rotable when depressurized
  • Newly designed bonnet with interchangeable thread
  • Newly developed Pin-Valve with highest flow of all Ninja Regs so far
  • Generous spare parts kit with gaskets, small parts, screws and hex key
  • Adjustable output pressure
  • High quality and precise workmanship

Technical Data:

  • Weight: 5,4 oz (153 grams)
  • Length, installed to Tank: 2,55" (6,55 cm)
  • Length, installed to Marker: 1,9" (4,85 cm)
  • Output pressure: 550 Psi, adjustable to 750 Psi

To be able to adjust the output pressure or to adjust the position of the Bonnet, the bottle must be empty or completely depressurized.


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