Planet Eclipse Worker Hoody Charcoal

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Worker Hoody Charcoal

Whether you're out in the field or on the road, with the Planet Eclipse hoody you'll always look stunning.

The high-quality materials provide a high wearing comfort and the continuous insertion pocket is perfect to keep your hands warm.

Why is there a bee on the hoodies?

Planet Eclipse was founded in Manchester, and that's where the company's headquarters are still located.
The insect is traditionally a symbol for the hard-working population of Manchester.
The image of the bee has been shaped by the tough, hardworking workers who have stood together in all situations, much like bees are said to. In addition, the large textile factories that once made Manchester rich have also been compared to beehives. Therefore the bee can be seen not only in the city coat of arms, but also on many buildings, electricity boxes, garbage cans and now also on the hoodies of Planet Eclipse.

Prepare yourself for coming winters and order your hoodie today!

- High wearing comfort
- High quality workmanship
- Continuous insertion pocket

70% ringspun cotton, 30% polyester.


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