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HK Army 14" ELITE S63 Orbit Tip, silver

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HK Army
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HK Army

HK Army 14" ELITE S63 Orbit Tip, silver

HK Army once again raises the bar and takes the barrel tip level one step higher. With the S63 Orbit barrel tips, HK is not only offering a real sensation in terms of performance but there is also nothing comparable at the moment in terms of looks.

The main feature of the Orbit tips is the crazy milled Swirl pattern and if that wasn't enough, the barrel front section has also been finished with a two-tone fade. SICK!

To transport the paintball precisely toward the target, the barrel front features a combination of Helix Portings and Slots, which ensures an even pressure distribution on the paintball. You have never shot any of your G's more accurately and stylishly.


  • Unique Swirl milling
  • Dust finish with an fantastic two-tone fade
  • Knurled area for better grip
  • PWR insert window for easy identification of bore size
  • Combination of Helix porting and slots
  • Machined from high-quality aluminum and extra hard anodized


  • Planet Eclipse S63 Barrel Back

Product image for illustration purposes only. Barrel Tip only! Comes without barrel back and without the PWR insert!


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