Dye (Dave Youngblood Einterprises) Paintball is one of the most well-known and oldest brands in paintball sports. The product range of DYE puts the emphasis on tournament sport, offers however also products for Woodland and/or MagFed and scenario Paintball.
From markers in all price ranges to bags, jerseys, pants, casual wear and much more, the brand with the three letters offers everything a paintballer's heart desires.

The product design is very modern and of high quality. Also concerning new technologies, Dye is often at the forefront. Some examples are the c.a. 2.5cm (1 inch) OLED display of the M2, the wireless communication between hopper, marker and mask thanks to MOSair interface or the GSR (Gear Select) ProStrap mask band of the Dye i5 mask.
Back then, the brand became known for its revolutionary Matrix series. Today, the marker platforms M3s and DSR are among the flagships and no longer have much to do with the Matrix technology itself.

Our technician is Dye certified! We are the right partner for all concerns around Dye Paintball, be it professional maintenance or technical challenges.

Masks & Accessories

Paintball masks are one of Dye's core competencies. Whether beginner or professional, Dye offers masks in every price range. From the Switch EL to the Axis Pro to the i4 or the successor i5, there is something for everyone. A wide range of accessories, such as mask lenses in various shades, mask straps, ear protection, perfectly completes the DYE mask range.

Loaders & Accessories

The Rotor is a milestone in the Loader segment and stands for constant feed rate, tool-less design and high-quality workmanship. Many Pro-Teams rely on the reliable Rotor Platform, so the Rotor is one of the most used hoppers / loaders in paintball.


In addition to markers, masks and loaders, Dye also offers a wide range of accessories. From barrel swabs and pod bags to barrel system bags, everything is taken care of. These little helpers make everyday life on and off the pitch a lot easier.