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Hopper Dye Rotor LT-R Dyecam

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Hopper Dye Rotor LT-R Dyecam

Based on the legendary Dye Rotor1 technology, the LT-R is very reliably and provides unbelievable feed rates for an unmatched price tag. For easy cleaning the Dye LT-R can be dismantled in seconds without any tools.

Due to its low-profile shell design the LT-R allows a 200-ball capacity The spring-loaded floor tray makes sure that the paint ends up smoothly in your Marker. Even ropy paintballs can´t stop the LT-R. Simply use the Anti-Jam trigger and the hopper will continue as usual.

The LT-R is powered by 3 AA-Batteries allowing the hopper to get an 80.000 balls + shot count.

- Capacity: 200
- Runs on 3x AA batteries (not included)
- Tool-Less fieldstripping
- Anti-Jam Trigger


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