Planet Eclipse Trading Cards

Planet Eclipse Trading Cards

Here you find the ultimate information page about the Planet Eclipse Trading Cards

  • A set includes 52 + 2 cards.
  • Cards come in three different print versions:
    Standard, Holo and Heavy Holo.
  • Each of these cards is available signed and unsigned.
  • All information as of September 2023.

Here are a few examples of what the respective print versions look like signed. Everything else about editions, where the cards etc. are available, you can read in the FAQ

PE Trading Cards

Signed Heavy Holo Card
The rarest card variant, there are 2 pieces per card worldwide

PE Trading Cards

Signed Holo Card
There are 6 pieces per card worldwide

PE Trading Cards

Signed Standard Card
There are 10 pieces per card worldwide

PE Trading Cards

Signed Holo Card
Ryan Greenspan, Team Dynasty

Have fun collecting, hunting and trading!

And because it is so beautiful, here is the complete set in the standard version, unsigned:

What are they?

Planet Eclipse TCGs are playing cards that complete a set of 52 cards and two Jokers.

How long have they been around?

Since the beginning of the second half of 2023, the First Edition has been in circulation.

Who will be getting these cards?

These cards will be randomly distributed with your Planet Eclipse marker purchase. There are going to be special events where there may be more than one card available. Maybe even a whole pack of cards? also has an allotment of cards that are packed into random orders that are placed by customers. What is the algorithm? That is classified. Like KFC's recipe 😉.

Where can I buy the cards?

Planet Eclipse does not sell these cards. These cards are given away by Planet Eclipse. There may be cases where they may be for sale by third parties on popular sales platforms.

Who is featured on the cards?

There are a variety of professional paintball players from the last 30 years or so from all over the world. Some players are still active, others have retired.

Is there going to be a second edition?

Nothing official has been announced yet.

How are the cards different?

These are playing cards. So of course, there are different cards. Seven of Hearts, Eight of Clubs, everything you need to get a playable set.The different cards feature different players, and there are three different prints of the same playing card. Quantities as of September 2023:

  • Standard 1000 packs, that is 1000 of each card
  • Standard, signed 10 packs, that is 10 of each card
  • Holos 50 packs, that is 50 of each card
  • Holos, signed 6 packs, that is 6 of each card
  • Heavy Dot Holo 6 packs, that is 6 of each card
  • Heavy Dot Holo, signed 2 packs, that is 2 of each card This makes a “Heavy Dot Holo, signed” the rarest card you can get.

What are the cards called?

We're not sure, we've heard everything from Emortal Playing Cards to Planet Eclipse Trading Cards, to Player Cards, to a long mix of the three names.

Is there a place where I can trade Emortal cards?

Yes, there is an official Facebook group. You can find it here: