Protoyz was launched in 2004 and was one of the first genuine German paintball brands. In paintball, Protoyz stands for an excellent price-performance ratio with a high quality standard. Due to the good quality, many of the Protoyz products like the HPA system, the tactical equipment and the playing gear are used daily on paintball fields, as they withstand even the toughest rental routine.

Since the end of 2015, Protoyz has been a subdivision of Planet Eclipse, which is now steadily expanding the product segment with its development department. Chief engineer Jack Wood contributes decades of knowledge to the Protoyz range of products.

HPA Systems, Regulators and Accessories

The proven 200 bar HP system from Protoyz with light aluminium bottle, 200 and 300 bar regulators, remote system as well as HP/CO2 accessories belong to the range.


Suitable game equipment from Protoyz such as Pod Bags, Pods for 68 Cal and 50 Cal or the highly versatile Molle Vest in Flecktarn are waiting for you.

Playing Gear

Functional paintball clothing from Protoyz such as the paintball pants in camouflage, gloves, chest armour with pot holder or a neck protection made of soft neoprene are ideal on the playing field.