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HPA Syst. 3000Psi PT Reg 0,21l /13ci alloy, PI certif.

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HPA System 3000 Psi Protoyz with Protoyz Regulator and 0,21litre/13ci aluminum tank, PI certified

Ideal for all Woodland, Scenario and MagFed Players, looking for an ultra-compact and extremely lightweight HPA System. The smaller size of the tank makes your marker much lighter and maneuverable especially for Close Quarter Combat Missions. The imprint on the tank (dark-grey) helps you to merge with your surroundings, unlike most other systems on the market, which signal your position due to their bright white imprint.

This 0.21litre/13ci aluminum HPA System works with 200 bar (3000psi) filling pressure. The lightweight regulator consists of 3.3206 aluminum. Due to micro pressure gauge the current cylinder pressure can be read at any time so there won't be any nasty surprises on field. Of course, the filling connection is made of stainless steel and the dual burst disc system secures optimum cylinder and outlet pressure. Therefore, any damage to the marker will be avoided.

Empty weight (with regulator)
0.48 kg

Length: 19 cm
Length: 25 cm incl. Regulator
Diameter: 5 cm
Circumference: 15,9 cm

Additional Informations
Output pressure: 850psi
Color: black, dark grey print


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