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PWR Stock black, 4500psi, PT Reg, Pi certified PE E.LITE black, 15ci Armotech Supralite

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Check here if this Regulator the perfect fit for your Paintball Marker.

PWR Stock black, 4500psi, PT Reg, Pi certified PE E.LITE black, 15ci Armotech Supralite

This HPA Systems contains: Planet Eclipse / Armotech 0,25l 300 Bar / 15 ci 4500 psi tank, an PWR Stock in black and a HK Army HP8 300 bar / 4500 psi Regulator.

HPA Tank 4500psi PE 0,25L E.LITE Series Armotech SupraLite
The 0.25l 300 Bar HP bottle from Planet Eclipse is a must have for every MagFed and scenario player. Due to the higher working pressure and the increased volume from 0.2 l to 0.25 l, more than 78% more shots can be fired with this bottle at the same size. 78% more shots, 78% more possible hits!

HP Regulator 300 Bar (4500 psi) Ninja Ultra Light
With over 20 years of experience, Ninja Paintball is an industry leader in developing innovative and high quality paintball regulators.

The Ultra Light Reg is the workhorse and probably the most popular regulator made by Ninja Paintball. The Ultra Light Regulator is the lightest and shortest reg in the Ninja product portfolio.

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Output pressure
Adjustable from 800 psi, 650 psi to 500 psi
Not rotatable, interchangeable (Bonnet), Aluminum (Bonnet)
Safety features
Two burst discs (1800 psi & 7200 psi), pressure reducing device inside the regulator body
Unique features
Thread saver (plastic)
Technical Data
Weight 131 g, length 54 mm
Max. Pressure
300 Bar / 4500 psi

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Best use
Woodland / MagFed, Air-in-Stock or for pistol setups
Technical Data
0,25l / 15 ci, empty weight 285 g, length 20,0 cm, diameter 5 cm
Rehydro (TÜV/PI) all 5 years, 10 years max lifespan, EN 12245:2009+A1:2011 and ISO 11119-3:2013
Max. Pressure
300 Bar / 4500 psi


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