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PWR Stock earth, 3000psi, HK Reg, HK 13ci Alu

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HK Army
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HK Army

Check here if this Regulator the perfect fit for your Paintball Marker.

PWR Stock earth, 3000psi, HK Reg, HK 13ci Alu

This Bundle contains: HK Army Alpha 0,21l 200 Bar / 16 ci 3000 psi tank and a PWR Stock in tan.

HK HPA Syst. 3000psi HK Reg 0,21l / 13ci alloy
Ideal for all Woodland, Scenario and MagFed Players, looking for an ultra-compact and extremely lightweight HPA System. The smaller size of the tank makes your marker much lighter and maneuverable especially for Close Quarter Combat Missions.

Fact checker - Regulator

Output pressure
Fixed at around 800 psi
Not rotatable, interchangeable (Bonnet), Aluminum (Bonnet)
Safety features
Two burst discs (1800 psi & 7200 psi)
Unique features
Thread saver (plastic), solid packaging (high-gloss cardboard)
Technical Data
Weight 135 g, lenght 40 mm
Max. Pressure
200 Bar / 3000 psi

Fact checker - HPA Tank

Best use
Beginners, Fields, Kids Paintball, compact setups
Technical Data
0,21l / 13 ci, empty weight 305 g, length 19,0 cm, diameter 5 cm
Rehydro (TÜV/PI) all 10 years, max lifespan until rejected by TÜV
Max. Pressure
200 Bar / 3000 psi


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