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Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 with Freebies, Crusade gold / bronze

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Freebie Offer - Choose up to two Freebies in the according drop-down menu. While stock lasts!

Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 with Freebies, Crusade gold / bronze

Overview - Freebie 1:

  • LV2 Grip Kit white
  • LV2 Grip CCU Kit red
  • LV2 Grip CCU Kit blue
  • LV2 Grip CCU Kit tan

Overview - Freebie 2:

  • Podium Gun Stand black
  • Podium Gun Stand silver

An 18-year legacy.

The Ego - A marker that defines its time. Not just for Planet Eclipse, but for the sport itself. The Ego redefined the standards for performance and reliability. Those standards became the benchmark for all other markers and remain so today, even 18 years after its original debut.

And here we are, with the latest iteration. Forged in the fires of success and equipped to carry on the legendary Ego name through new generations.

The Innovations:
For Ego fans, it's the LV2's tubeless design that will make headlines, as this is at the top of the must-have list for many. But there is so much more to discover. The tool-less, wraparound rear grips and ergonomically designed front grip, which houses the completely redesigned HPR and LPR package, dramatically improve the stability of the LV2. The large thumb gap between the front grip and trigger guard gives players more freedom and mobility in the hand and makes position changes effortless.

On the rear, the new tool-less wrap-around grips feature fully sealed snaps to prevent mud and water intrusion. The ergonomically redesigned handles allow quick and easy access to key operating features (watch out, it gets exciting) like the battery, the brand-new MME (Modular Marker Electronics) electronics package with USB and optional BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capability and OLED display, the new tool-less eye covers, the adjustable flow controls in the new user-serviceable solenoid. (Take a breath and sort yourself, we're not at the end yet).

Even the trigger mechanism has been redesigned to accommodate a wide variety of bolt-on trigger shoes, so you can customize not only the feel of the trigger with mag and spring return adjustments, but also the feel of the contact points on the trigger itself.

The LV2 is the first Eclipse marker to feature the exceptional new Shaft S63 barrel system. Equipped with the brand-new Eclipse PWR Insert, this new 3-piece barrel sets the new gold standard for interchangeable insert barrel systems. Each LV2 comes with two micro-honed and color-coded 8.5" inserts (.689 and .685), with a full range of other bore sizes and other accessories available separately.

What sets the LV2 apart from its competitors, however, is the range of its performance. Each LV2 is custom tuned at the factory and is ready to go in any environment and format right out of the box. Just set the speed and go.

But for those who like to tinker, the LV2 is the quintessential marker because of its tremendous adjustability, or rather, tunability. We don't think there has ever been a marker with more adjustability than the LV line. With HPR, LPR, Dwell, forward and reverse Rammer speed control, and even optional Rammer weights (included), there are so many ways to adjust the feel and efficiency of your LV2 to get the playing experience you want. For the win.


  • **NEW** Hose-less design
  • **NEW** Cure FT bolt
  • **NEW** Unique LPR/HPR combination
  • **NEW** New MME (Modular Marker Electronics)
  • **NEW** Modular, three-piece S63 barrel system incl. .689 and .685 PWR inserts
  • **NEW** Tool-less eye covers
  • **NEW** OLED Display
  • **NEW** Tool-less front and rear grips
  • **NEW** Bluetooth (BLE) Interface (sold separately)
  • **NEW** Only 115 psi working pressure thanks to increased chamber volume
  • **NEW** New lowrise feedneck with lever locator
  • **NEW** Newly designed SMC solenoid with dual SFR
  • **NEW** New designed marker case
  • Zick 3 Heavy and Light Rammer
  • Stacked tube with lever valve operating method
  • USB E-Portal Compatible
  • Blade Trigger

Scope of Delivery:

  • Fabric-covered aluminum case with zipper
  • Planet Eclipse EGO LV2
  • One S63 barrel tip 14,5"
  • One S63 barrel back
  • Two S63 PWR Inserts in .689 and .685
  • Planet Eclipse Allen wrench set
  • Planet Eclipse oil, 10ml
  • Planet Eclipse barrel sock
  • EGO LV2 spare parts set incl. SFR Tool
  • Manual, english



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