Tippmann Stormer Basic Package, black

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Tippmann Stormer Basic Package, black

This special offer includes: Tippmann Stormer basic black, 200 rounds gravity loader, Protoyz 24/3000 HPA System and a high-quality CRBN GS-F mask single, black.

Tippmann Stormer Basic black
The Tippmann Stormer is available in three different models. Of these three possible models, the Tippmann Stormer Basic offers is the base model of this series.

The Stormer is equipped for all weather conditions thanks to the proven and almost indestructible Inline Bolt System.

Gravity Loader / Munbox 200 Protoyz - black / clear
Standard gravity loader / ammunition box for 200 paintballs. Large spring-loaded lid made of semi-transparent plastic for easy refilling and quick fill level control. Two-part design, can be dismantled for thorough cleaning.

Paintball Mask Carbon GS-F Mask Single, black
The Carbon GS-F mask is the little brother of the Carbon OPR mask and impresses with its modern design and excellent value for money.

The wide-cut single mask lens gives the player an enormous peripheral field of vision, no opponent remains undetected. The generously cut mouthguard with its large number of angled air slits offers plenty of protection without unnecessarily restricting the player.

HPA System 24/3000, PI
The 0.4L aluminum cylinder with a filling pressure of 200 bar (3000psi) from Protoyz is the standard HP compressed air solution worldwide. To save unnecessary weight, the regulator body is made of low-wear 3.3206 aluminum.



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