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Paintball Goggle Carbon OPR, camo

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Paintball Goggle Carbon OPR, camo

The Operator Goggle System developed by Carbon Paintball called OPR for short, impresses with a modern design and a good price-performance ratio.

In a new, state-of-the-art printing process, the camo pattern developed by Carbon Paintball, is brought to the OPR. Thanks to the special colors and shapes, the mask is almost invisible in the bushes and forest areas. Camouflage is key!

The wide-cut thermal mask lens provides an enormous peripheral field of vision for the player. No enemy remains undetected and thanks to the double-pane lens fogging are almost impossible.

The spaciously cut facemask with its multitude of angled air vents offers plenty of protection without unnecessarily restricting the player. Communication with your fellow players is possible without interference, even over long distances.

For even more protection, the mask can be equipped with additional head protection. This is quickly and easily clicked into the existing mounts without tools and covers the entire upper head area. The safety package is rounded off the chin strap, which can be removed if necessary.

To ensure that the mask fits as comfortably as possible, the OPR Goggle System features a two-layer mask foam that can be replaced without tools. In addition to player safety, comfort is one of the most important features of this mask.

- 100% Thermal Goggle System
- Very large peripheral vision
- High comfort thanks to a replaceable and two-layer foam
- Spaciously cut facemask
- Integrated visor
- Expandable to a full protection mask
- Comes with a chin strap
- Modern design
- Good price/performance ratio

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