Battlepack HK Army EL-X Harness 11 Pod (4+3), Shadow

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HK Army
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HK Army

Freebie-Offer - This Battlepacks comes with pods included free of charge. While stock lasts!

Battlepack HK Army EL-X Harness 11 Pod (4+3), Shadow

The EL-X Battlepack is the successor of the Zero-G2.0 and Zero GX Battlepacks. Thanks to the patented X-Frame technology, the pack fits perfectly and comfortable.

The new EL-X Tension Control System can be used to adjust the diameter of each pod pocket to suit your pods. Smaller pods are just as tight as high capacity pods. Here, too, the maximum amount of customization is possible to meet your playing requirements.

With the EL-X new Materials and tenxturized elastics got incooporated to the pod pockets which leads to the smoothes pod ejection ever.

As with its predecessor, there are no more annoying straps with velcro, so you can pull the pod out of the battle pack at lightning speed during the game.


  • New E-LX Tension Control System
  • Smoothes pod ejection ever thanks to new materials and texturized elastics
  • Super comfortable and tight fit without bobbing up and down thanks to X-Frame technology
  • Better and non-slip fit due to the new belt system
  • Anatomically shaped padding in the lumbar region
  • Longer life than comparable battlepacks with Velcro fasteners
  • Space for 11 Pods


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