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Planet Eclipse Overload Jersey

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Planet Eclipse
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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Overload Jersey

During the development of the Overload breastplate by Planet Eclipse emphasis was placed on an extremely ergonomic design that incorporates padded protection zones in the critical upper body areas.
The built- in cushioning and breathable micro pores keep players cool during use. Lycra material is used for optimum moisture absorption, increasing the overall comfort significantly.

Chest: S - 84cm  M - 87cm  L - 95cm  XL - 99cm  2XL - 106cm  3XL - 112cm
Length: S - 56cm  M - 60cm  L - 64cm  XL - 67cm  2XL - 69cm  3XL - 72cm

The breast circumference is measured across the chest from armpit to armpit. The measurement points should be 3 cm below the armpits.
For optimum comfort this breastplate should be worn under the jersey.

53 % Polyester , 39 % Polyurethane , 8% elastane


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